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5 Reasons Your CV Design is Important . June 22, 2021

When writing a CV and applying for a job, many candidates spend a lot of time concentrating on the content and key skills listed on their CV. And whilst this is crucial, there is another aspect o...

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What is some good advice for accounting students? . April 30, 2020

Attending class, completing homework assignments, maintaining good grades, working a job, and trying to squeeze in a social life are all things that need to be managed responsibly. Someone interested...

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What is the difference between an accountant and an auditor? . April 30, 2020

While both an accountant and an auditor are responsible for the accounting processes of a company, there are some differences between the two professions. An accountant is usually a...

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Main reasons why employees quit their jobs . April 30, 2020

Many employers assume that money is the main reason why employees quit, but only 12% of workers leave a company because they want a raise or could earn more elsewhere. In fact, according to...

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Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job . April 27, 2020

Resume Heading Full Name (Jane M. Applicant or Jane Applicant) Street Address (options for listing your address) City, State, Zip Email Address (don’t use your work email) Telepho...

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